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Thread: Boundary

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    Default Boundary

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    At the boundary between river and sea
    Fish stop on both sides, lover or beloved.
    Each looks in the other’s eyes
    Loves the other’s colour
    Cannot swim into the other’s world
    Cannot be but lover or beloved
    At the boundary between river and sea.
    by Sayed Gouda - Egypt
    Translated from Arabic by the Author

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    Default Of My Heart

    Of my heart is in my heart,
    Want have something to have a start,
    Desire neither love nor any apart.
    Want just to hear ‘n do of my heart.
    Leave things which stop ‘start’.
    Once I’ll close my eyes apart,
    Opening want see hearing beats of my heart.
    You running for me a long track,
    Want see you crying’ loneliness of my heart.
    Bounce or nothing I want back,
    New track making is desire of my heart.
    Tear, cut leave or make a crack,
    For my dreams come true I’ll do all of my heart.
    (c.k as oliver)

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    Default Don’t Give Up On Me!

    Don’t give up on me
    I see what’s you’re reaching for
    We shared a dreams that we hold on
    All these years
    I was holding on and
    I love you even more
    Don’t give up on me
    Hand and hand we’ll walk
    Till we find our way
    Night will come and go
    But shines will always be there
    Don’t give up on me
    There’s a kindness of your soul
    I love you till this day
    Than you’ve ever know before
    Impossible it may be
    Just don’t give up on me
    One day we’ll reach a life
    That both of us will see
    Was worth all the sacrifice
    Of not giving up on me
    So come walk with me
    There’s a fear in your eyes
    That I will never see
    But come take my hand
    Put worry all aside
    In return you’ll see
    How purely you meant to me
    You’re my everything
    Just don’t give up on me.

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    Default Dream Of The Dawn

    As I woke up today by your side,
    My feelings for you I can not hide,
    I touched your face in the morning light,
    Being with you just feels so right
    You make me feel like I’m a queen,
    Like being inside an awesome dream,
    Although this is real, that I know,
    As the love that surrounds us continues to grow
    I think of what the future holds…
    Hand in hand both growing old,
    And as I lay, with you dear,
    I’m just so glad you’re mine, you’re here.

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    Default A Special Gift

    If there is a thing called anniversary
    I’m sure it was nothing without the monthsary.
    Today is the day we need to celebrate
    For it is our special monthsary day.
    Months have passed since we first met
    I never thought that I could love even through the net
    We keep on chatting everyday, not to forget every single day
    For it is where our love starts, from then on you had your way.
    A way of showing me how it feels to be loved;
    A way of caring, loving even someone else’s love.
    I hope some how by now you should have known
    I do care and love you for real, you know.
    I made this poem on this special day my love
    To let you know how true it is my love…
    I made this poem on our monthsary
    To let you know that you’re special to me.
    I would like you to know that there is a gift that comes your way…
    It’s not a thing that money can buy, sure not too expensive in any way,
    But I hope you like the simple yet special gift from me to you my love…
    For that special gift I can offer is no other than ME and my love…

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    Default A Great Day 18 July

    Day has arrived for we waited long,
    To wish a lady who’s better than all,
    To wish i love from so long.
    She is calm and coolish,
    But sometime little foolish.
    She cares for all and loves me too,
    Cancer love her but virgo too.
    I bow my head to GOD
    Forgive sin she committed all,
    Don’t let our true love to fall.
    See Goddess Venus,Stars and Angels
    Are in queue to wish a day.
    Virgo stand miles away with blank hand,
    Happy to see cute smile on face,
    We all pray God always stay her with charming face.
    Always she laugh….. wrinkles stay,
    I wish moment to stop and day stay.
    So we all wish a lady on her birthday,
    Who’s better than all.
    Submitted by Azeem Ansari.

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    Default Mouth Organ

    Kaustav found a mouth organ
    Among his gifts in class seven, that year,
    Given by his dad
    Amongst many other possessions near.
    Silently he circled his dad,
    Staring at the new thing.
    How would be the usage of one chosen
    To make his small heart sing?
    Circling the organ yet once again –
    He looked so small in the rift –
    Examining each new treasure,
    He got excited at his new gift.
    Carrying it from room to room,
    He kept it always near;
    The silvery little tunes he played
    Were such a joy to hear!
    With years of many instruments
    And much, much music made,
    I wondered if he remembers
    Those first notes he had played.
    His eyes lit up as he recalled
    The silvery notes, tone and fun –
    The love for music he had gained
    From that small mouth organ.
    Submitted by paromita.m07.

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    Default Happy Birthday D

    As I was thinking about you today,
    I began to wonder whether you realize
    how much you are a part of me,
    You might not know how deeply
    your values and your actions
    have influenced my character
    or be aware of how many ways
    your words still speak to my heart…
    But Dad, as surely as the sun
    causes the budding flower to blossom,
    you have shaped and influenced my life.
    Your very presence has made me
    a daughter who loves you very much..
    Submitted by Fatyrene.

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    Default Computer Knows

    As a programmer,I started creating my Girl,
    Simple Smiley, hands with Bangles,Bindi on Forehead, long hair,
    Oops! Computer displayed message.“Expired olden version, upgrade to Jeans”
    Alas! Computer too knows.

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    Default Who the Man?

    Gorgeous, good looking, handsome man with oozing sex appeal
    Like to chat and talk a lot about life and love life
    Everything he does comes out naturally
    Not a chance for a dull moment with him
    Naughty sometimes but you’ll know by heart his a good man…

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    Default Joker

    Fun for me is being with you.
    In every little thing you do;
    Nice simple jokes we share;
    Good memories are everywhere.
    Every time you’re near, laughter is in the air.
    Remembering you always for being a JOKER…



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