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    Default I Belong To You.

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    Life is a gift by God
    I was born to my parents
    But I'm destined to you..
    You've become my soul
    I can't imagine my life without you.. no more..
    O let me feel alive once again in your arms
    Where my world lies & my worry flies..
    My heart is a place where you'll always dwell..
    I just want you to be happy &
    everything in your life goes well..
    Why do you worry about me ?
    When you know I'm always there in your heart..
    I will never let us apart...
    I'll fight the world for you !
    For you're my world & my world is only "YOU"
    I'll feel alive when once again u hold me in your arms..
    I'll wait for that moment till my last breath, I swear
    To love you was decided by my heart
    To carry on loving you has become my fate..
    Therefore I'll only live for you till my last date..
    Now I can conclude my poem by saying I'm only made for you..
    & say what I always tell u that "my heart beats for you"..
    I LOVE YOU..



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