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    Default ADDICTED - a sonnet

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    ADDICTED - a sonnet

    'Love is an addiction', my brother said,
    'Chat with her further - you'll get addicted'.
    'She's just a friend, nothing more', I replied.
    'I'm under control', I donít think I lied.
    She and I are close friends, but not in love,
    We've been like this for quite some time now.
    Daily, we spend much of the day together,
    And perhaps sometimes go out for dinner.
    I realized only when I found myself,
    Waking up at three a.m. in the night,
    Grabbing my mobile phone from the shelf,
    And hurriedly looking for her messages,
    That I've got addicted to her despite,
    My brother's countless warnings and presages.

    Aravind Chakravarty

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