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    Talking Defying 'no chemistry' rumours, Alan and Adaa set to sizzle screens in Piya Basanti Re

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    Yesterday, media was abuzz with reports about Adaa Khan and Alan Kapoor asked to work on their chemistry for their show on Sony PAL, Piya Basanti Re. The two who have been close friends were left shocked with this information and were zapped as they have been shooting for some sizzling episodes for their show.

    Piya Basanti Re produced by Rashmi Sharma Productions has seen the couple Piya and Kabir getting married recently. The two will now showcase some crackling chemistry as they will imagine their first night together.

    Shares a source, “The two of them though completely in love with each other, have not been able to confess love openly. Kabir has at least spoken about his love, but Piya still puts up a cold face.”

    Well, in the episodes to come, viewers will see some sizzling chemistry between them as they sway to the number Kuch khaas hai…. from Fashion. The song has been shot beautifully and it will definitely be a treat for the fans of the couple.

    Talking about the stories of their ‘low chemistry’ doing rounds, Adaa said, “It’s so disheartening to see such articles being floated across which are completely false. Alan and I have been close friends and I think I have never been this comfortable with any of my co-actors. We have a great bonding off screen and I think we have been justifying our characters on screen too. Such reports can sometime demotivate actors, but thankfully the positive feedbacks from fans keep us going.”

    Echoing her thoughts, Alan added, “It was actually strange because fans have been sending us such great feedbacks on our chemistry. The sequences that we have shot recently will actually end all speculations, for it is one of the most romantic sequences on TV. I and Adaa have a great bonding and chemistry and such assertions are completely false.”

    Well, that rests the case!



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