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    Default Abhijeet Sawant's 'Pia Basanti Re' confusion busted

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    Singer Abhijeet Sawant who became the face of the reality circuit when he won the first season of Indian Idol has come a long way in his decade old career. The guy who rose to fame is known for his humble upbringing and down to earth nature. Added to that of course, is his melodious voice that continues to mesmerize people.

    Recently Sony Pal’s Piya Basanti Re team (Rashmi Sharma Productions) was to shoot with Abhijeet for a special sequence. But on the day of shoot, Abhijeet did not turn up and that led to a last minute replacement by Sa Re Ga Ma fame Vineet Singh.

    Sources informed us that there has been a blame game happening between the production house and the singer on this matter. We wanting to keep abreast with the happenings, decided to call both parties and get a clarification on the same.

    Firstly we spoke to Abhijeet who defended himself saying, “The production house approached me for a special sequence shoot. The only condition that I put was that I would be singing my album songs. They agreed on the same and it was a completely penniless agreement.”

    “But just hours before the shoot, they called me stating that I had to get a NOC for my songs and that I would need to sing covers and not my album songs. Since I have no hand in what would be shown after editing, I was skeptical about it. I was protective about my songs and wanted my right as a performer and singer. On TV dramatic value creates content rather than songs, so I did not want to take a chance.”

    A source in the production house cleared their stand on the same. “We were fine with Abhijeet performing his own songs. This is the reason we asked for the NOC of the music channel. Abhijeet is a good boy and since he was a little busy with another commitment, we think that might have caused him to cancel the shoot. Also he seemed to be unaware about the procedure of NOC. Promotions on shows are a benefit for both parties and that was what was communicated to him. We believe in letting go of such matters and wish Abhijeet best in his career ahead.”

    This surely seems like a major misunderstanding between the two! Hope after the article, you guys will kiss and make up (not literally though)!



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