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    Video Copilot - VFX Training for Adobe After Effects
    English | 3.09 GiB | FLV | 30 fps | 1024x768 | MP3
    Download ID: TNBU00435
    Genre: Adobe After Effects, E-Learning
    Single Extraction - Free Download - No Password

    Best-Selling After Effects Training DVD! In this exciting end-to-end tutorial DVD, you'll discover real world techniques and timesaving procedures not found in the manual. Each full-length video tutorial covers a specific objective from start to finish.

    VFX Training for Adobe After Effects
    -)--- 10 Video Tutorials for AE Pro 6.5 - CS4
    -)--- Includes Project Files, and Source Footage (AE7+)
    -)--- Valuable Bonus Product Included
    -)--- Over 3 Hours of Training Fun!

    Complete List of Lessons:

    01. Getting Started, and New Features (15 minutes)
    -)--- Introduction to many new features
    -)--- Overview of After Effects 7.0
    -)--- Introduction to tools; such as Tracking, Parenting,
    -)--- Transfer Modes, and Switches

    02. Basic Color Keying (13 minutes)
    -)--- Create shadows that follow talent
    -)--- Comprehensive color correction techniques
    -)--- Edge adjustments for green screen footage
    -)--- Learn to perform a clean key with DV footage

    03. 3D Silhouette (36 minutes)
    -)--- Utilize multi-view workspace when 3D compositing
    -)--- Create 3D Camera Moves
    -)--- Composite groups of people from 1 person
    -)--- Create human silhouette from live action footage

    04. Cruise Control (11 minutes)
    -)--- Use advanced studio masking techniques
    -)--- Add realistic reflections, and a light wrapping effect
    -)--- Advanced compositing techniques
    -)--- Create the illusion of a car driving

    05. Creating Advanced Muzzle Fire (14: 20 minutes)
    -)--- Utilize Turbulent Displacement, and CC Radial Blur
    -)--- Composite a smoke element with fire
    -)--- Create Flashes, and learn to randomize effect
    -)--- Create realistic Muzzle Fire with AE's built in tools

    06. Blown Away (25: 30 minutes)
    -)--- Use parenting, null objects, and transfer modes
    -)--- Add a nice displacement scene effect
    -)--- Create camera shake
    -)--- Composite actors in front of a large explosion

    07. Floating Text (9: 15 minutes)
    -)--- Technique works on less stable footage
    -)--- Make text appear to be floating over video
    -)--- Create the look of 3D tracking inside AE
    -)--- Advanced 4-point motion tracking

    08. DVD Menu Creation I, and II (27: 15, and 12: minutes)
    -)--- Create button transitions during authoring
    -)--- Basic tour of Encore
    -)--- Advanced use of the fractal noise filter
    -)--- Create a DVD Menu with transitions

    09. The Teleporter (12: 15 minutes)
    -)--- Enhance using transfer modes
    -)--- Overlay pre-rendered particle effect
    -)--- Use an opacity track matte with the fractal noise
    -)--- Composite character onto background

    10. Selective Color Correction (12: 15 minutes)
    -)--- Use subtraction masks to get desired effects
    -)--- Fix slightly overexposed Footage
    -)--- Motion Track footage to fix certain areas
    -)--- Increase color density in specific areas

    Bonus Gear: VideoStreams HD Lite
    -)--- Design 01
    -)--- Design 07
    -)--- Design 11
    -)--- Design 15

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    Download file TNBU00435
    5% Recovery means it can be repaired even in the case of physical data damage due to data losses of any other kind.

    If there is any problem, let PM me or leave comment (prefer both). I back up all data so I am willing to help you. I check PM daily. This is such an honour!



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