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    Default tutsplus-30 Days to Learn Adobe After Effects 2012

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    tutsplus-30 Days to Learn Adobe After Effects 2012
    English | 1.44 GB | h264 | 1280x720 30.00 fps | aac 44100 Hz stereo
    Download ID: TNBU00352
    Genre: E-Learning
    Free Download - Single Extraction - No Password

    Interested in learning motion graphics Get started off right! In just 30 Days, VinhSon Nguyen will take you from AfterEffects newbie to designing and working with your own motion graphics. VinhSon provides practical demos and walks you through the basics of AfterEffects on up to advanced editing techniques.

    Introduction of the Course, and After Effects 1m 3s

    The Core Basics 2h 9m 17s
    Exploring the Interface 4m 31s
    Workspace, and Project Management 6m 31s
    Projects vs Compositions 7m 23s
    The Timeline 9m 34s
    Effects 5m 56s
    Presets 2m 13s
    Keyframes, and Animating Parameters 9m 35s
    RAM Previews 7m 42s
    Rendering for Final Output 7m 12s
    Type Tools 11m 58s
    Masks, and Shapes 7m 32s
    Adjustment Layers 2m 30s
    Basics of Expressions 7m 11s
    The Graph Editor 10m 48s
    Parenting 9m 25s
    3D Layers 6m 38s
    Camera Tools 6m 5s
    Different Camera Views 6m 33s

    Basic Techniques 40m 45s
    Precomps, and Why They're Useful 6m 40s
    Layer Maps 7m 57s
    Track Mattes 5m 56s
    Working with Audio 7m 17s
    Vectors, and PSDs 4m 51s
    Motion Blurs 8m 4s

    Basic Projects 36m 35s
    Keying 4m 11s
    Tracking 11m 57s
    Basics of Motion Graphics 12m 36s
    3rd Party Plugins, and Scripts 7m 51s

    Conclusion 57s

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    If there is any problem, let PM me or leave comment (prefer both). I back up all data so I am willing to help you. I check PM daily. This is such an honour!



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