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    Default Simply Create a Hyperlink in Photoshop

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    Step 1. Launch the picture in Photoshop

    In the first step you need to open the picture to which you want to add hyperlink in Photoshop.

    Step 2. Save the image as a PSD file

    You need to go to File > Save to save the picture as a PSD file in this step.

    Step 3. Open the PSD file

    Now you need to select File and then go to Open. Open to the PSD file you just saved. Then you had better select Image Size, and adjust the image to the size you need.

    Step 4. Use the Image Map in Photoshop

    After these steps you may select Image Map tool from the toolbar. Hold down the left-mouse button and drag the mouse to select the area. With this operation you may create the hyperlink.

    Step 5. Name the image and paste the URL

    Look for the Slices in the lower right on the screen. When you find it click on it to give the image a name. And then paste the URL address where you want the hyperlinks to connect in the area below the name.

    Step 6. Save the picture with HTML and images format

    In the end you should go to File > Save Optimized As to save your picture. Don't forget to make sure the type of format is set to HTML and images.

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