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    Default Simple Way to Whiten Teeth in Photoshop

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    Step 1. Create a new layer and set the Blend Mode

    You need to use Ctrl and J to copy the selection and paste it on a new layer called teeth.

    On the new layer you need to change the Blending Mode to Screen.

    Step 2. Reduce the layer's opacity

    If you have done follow the first step you may find that the effect is too strong. In order to make the color seem comfortable you need to reduce the layer's Opacity to control over the degree of the whitening. Here we make the Opacity be 60% to have a try. Now you can see the result is much better.

    Now we will give you a comparison below.

    Since there are several methods of whitening teeth in Photoshop we still choose the easiest one to teach you. We hope that you will learn it and try to change your own pictures in Photoshop by yourselves soon.

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