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    Default Simple Way to Remove Red Eye in Photoshop at One Go

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    Launch the photo

    Before you start to modify your picture you need to launch the photo in which you want to remove red eyes in Photoshop. Now we take this picture for an example.

    Make a copy of the background layer

    Drop its thumbnail onto the Create a new layer icon to duplicate the background layer named copy.

    Use the Red Eye tool to remove the red eye

    After the preparations we now start to remove the red eye with the Red Eye Tool.

    You need to select the Red Eye Tool firstly. Here we show this in a figure. The Red Eye Tool with 50% pupil size and 70% darken amount should be a good choice.

    Make sure the copy layer is active. Now you can use the tool to remove the red in each eye.

    If the red in eyes can't be clean clearly at one time. You can use Ctrl and Z to try again. You may try more times until the the photo seems nice.

    Now we display the final result here.

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