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    Default Photoshop Tutorial - How to Create an Avatar

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    This is a really cool thing guys! its the way to make those nice .gif avatars you see all over. this tutorial teaches how to make these avatars MANUALLY. this is the way i prefer to do it because if you do it with avi to gif convertors, the avatar can be made in no time, but you end up losing a lot of quality. thats why its better to do it manually - takes a bit of time the first time but once you get the hang of it, it shouldn't take all that long. lets start then.

    ok, first thing you'll need is a program called Virtual Dub (you can find it at hxxp:// right, open up the program and load up the .avi file from which you want to make the avatar. skip to the part you want to include in the avatar and minimise it for a second. open up Photoshop and minimise that. go back to Virtual Dub. right, im going to be starting here:

    n your keyboard, press Ctrl+1. this will copy the frame. now go over to Photoshop, open up a new document (File > New > OK) and press Ctrl+V. you should see the first frame of the avatar like this:

    now, go back to Virtual Dub and press the RIGHT ARROW on your keyboard twice (you need to press it twice otherwise you'll be there all day and by pressing the arrow twice you even make the avatar go a bit faster). after you've pressed the RIGHT ARROW twice, again as before press Ctrl+1 and again open up Photoshop and press Ctrl+V. now you should have the first frame above the second frame like so:

    now just keep repeating the step until you have all the frames of the avatar in Photoshop (you will have a lot of layers in Photoshop). im gonna make a short one for this tutorial:

    now that you have all the frames on the avatar, its time to go into ImageReady, so click on this icon:

    ok now that you're in ImageReady, you should have this:

    on the layer window, click ALL the eyes on the layers and only leave the eye on the first layer like so:

    we want to make a new frame in the animation window. click the "Duplicates current frame" button as shown here:

    basically, now you should have two frames that look exactly the same in the animation window. now, what you need to do is click on the eye in the first layer so that the box is empty and click on the eye in the second layer like so:

    now again click the "Duplicate current layer" button in the animation window

    click on the eye on the second layer to empty the box and click the eye on the third layer and so on until you're finished with all the layers and you have a whole line of frames in the animation window:

    now click on the PLAY icon in the animation window and voila! there's your avatar! but the job's not over yet - we need to make the avatar smaller the last (topmost) layer and hold SHIFT and click the bottom (the very first) layer so that you have all the layers selected like so:

    now go to IMAGE > IMAGE SIZE

    the settings are up to you. i've made mine at width 100 because it makes it fit in forums and all - then again i've made the same avatar at 170 width and made it fit in forums as well! its up to the rules i guess. lets just set the width to 100 (the height will change automatically once you put in the width) and click OK

    we're pretty much done with our avatar. all thats left is to go to FILE > SAVE OPTIMISED AS...
    save it as whatever you want wherever you want and you're done! yaay! give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done!

    what i got as my outcome:



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