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    Default Photoshop Guide: Repair Old Photos with Photoshop

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    Step 1. Open your old photo in Photoshop

    Before you start to work with the old photos in Photoshop you need to open it in Photoshop firstly. Once you have opened it you you'd better make a copy of the background in order to make a further decoration in next steps.

    Step 2. Zoom in the image to work with small details in Photoshop

    We suggest that you had best to zoom in the image to a reasonable level so that you can work smoothly and comfortably. Then select Healing Brush tool to decorate the details following these steps: press ALT and click a proper color tone at the same time, then release the ALT and click on the area you want to repair.

    Step 3. Other special handling with Clone Stamp tool in Photoshop

    Although some points has been handled with Healing Brush tool, there are some special areas still need to be handled. Now you need to choose Clone Stamp tool and use just like the Healing Brush: Alt+click to select source color, click to apply it. This step need a lot of patience. Don't give up. Just keep on trying and undo any step in Photoshop if necessary. More patient you are, better effect you will get.

    Step 4. Remove the dust, scratches, spots and other artifacts in Photoshop

    Old photos often have some dust, scratches, spots and other artifacts in the image. How to remove this scratches, spots and other artifacts in Photoshop? Go to Image > Adjustments > Levels or press Ctrl+L to open the Levels tool. Then tweak settings until you obtain the desired result in Photoshop.

    Now you may like to see the final result for your old photo. After these steps in Photoshop your old photo become much younger now.

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