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    Default Photoshop CS6 One-on-One (Intermediate)

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 - Photoshop CS6 One-on-One (Intermediate)
    English | 2.53 GiB | 09:25:00 | x264 | 198 kbps - 15 fps | 960x540 | AAC - 48.0 KHz
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    Genre: E-Learning
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    In this course, industry pro Deke McClelland teaches you how to leverage your knowledge base and reach the next level effects in the first image editing program Adobe Photoshop CS6. Discover how to move seamlessly and connecting areas of a photo with the Toolbox Content-Aware, then stretch the brightness of a scene with automatic level adjustments and personalization to create complex drawings with text and forms, and morph one image with layer effects and transformations. Deke also shares his techniques for sharpening details, if the noise addressing and highlight / shadow clipping or trembling of a camera, and convert color images to black and white. The final chapters show you how to best print and save images for the web, making sure all the hard work of your pay in the final output.

    Topics include:
    Downsampling for the web
    Creating the perfect JPEG image
    Adjusting print position, size, and color
    Simulating an infrared photo
    Liquifying an image
    Creating depth, contour, and texture with layer effects
    Drawing, and customizing shapes
    Creating text on a path
    Kerning, and tracking characters
    Working with vector-based type
    Sharpening with the Smart Sharpen, Emboss, and High Pass filters
    Making channel-by-channel Levels adjustments
    Customizing a Levels adjustment
    Editing the histogram
    Performing automatic retouch, scaling, and more with the Content-Aware tools


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