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    John Ulliman - Advanced Macromedia Flash Professional 08 Tutorial
    English | 4.175 GB | 20 hours | DVD
    Download ID: TNBU00608
    Genre: Programming, Development, E-Learning
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    John Ulliman is an authorized instructor for Macromedia's studio of products and principal of his own project development company, where he works closely with the major multimedia software companies. John has been teaching ever since he first started using a computer. Currently, he focuses on the products he uses to make animation magic work, with the intention to bring as much practical experience to his lessons as possible.''

    Part 1 - Graphics in Flash
    Chapter 1: A Quick Flash Demo (48 min)
    Chapter 2: Meet Flash: Fundamentals (37 min)
    Chapter 3: Drawing with Vectors (28 min)
    Chapter 4: Flash Natural Drawing Tools (45 min)
    Chapter 5: Advanced Vector Drawing (54 min)
    Chapter 6: Setting Colors in Flash (44 min)
    Chapter 7: Bitmaps in Flash (51 min)
    Chapter 8: Using Text in Flash (55 min)
    Chapter 9: Symbols (41 min)
    Chapter 10: Symbol Effects: Filters, and Blends (65 min)

    Part 02 - Animation in Flash
    Chapter 1: Introduction to the Timeline (55 min)
    Chapter 2: Shape Tweening (70 min)
    Chapter 3: Motion Tweening (64 min)
    Chapter 4: Advanced Animation Techniques (59 min)
    Chapter 5: Simulating Speed in your Animations (62 min)
    Chapter 6: Nesting Symbols for Complex Animation (61 min)
    Chapter 7: Animated Masks, and Filters (54 min)
    Chapter 8: Sound, and Video (85 min)

    Part 03 - Making Interactive Movies with Flash
    Chapter 1: Flash Buttons (54 min)
    Chapter 2: Scripting Basics (51 min)
    Chapter 3: Basic Navigation Systems (64 min)
    Chapter 4: Flash Screens (61 min)
    Chapter 5: Advanced Navigation Systems (69 min)
    Chapter 6: Data Entry Forms, and Components (74 min)
    Chapter 7: Publishing your Movies (46 min)
    Chapter 8: Developing for Mobile, and PDA (25 min)


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