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    Default The Gnomon Workshop-Archetype VFX Breakdown Bookware

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    The Gnomon Workshop-Archetype VFX Breakdown Bookware
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    In this tutorial, Robert Nederhorst (VFX supervisor on Archetype) shows the whole process of how a gun came to be. It begins at the start by creating an HDRI with PTGui and ends with a final composite. After building the HDRI, Rob moves in for Maya shader development and rendering using VRay to get out the different layers and passes to the shooting. Once the plate is cleaned and the 3D character was classified colored and integrated into the shooting, he built a generation ''gizmo'' to give artists control over various attributes of the composite. Rob then applies the finishing touches, such as atmospheric effects created using PhoenixFD, the film flicker and grain, and realistic motion blur, lens flares and lens distortion to create the most credible result.

    1. Unpack
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    3. Enjoy

    Film Grain, and Closing Comments
    Lens Distortion, and Aberration
    Flare Generation
    Camera Shake
    Film Flicker
    Atmospherics, and Phoenix Fluid Dynamics
    Constructing the ''Robotron'' Gizmo controls
    Grading, Glows and Depth
    Foreground Roto
    Composite Setup, and Plate Cleanup
    Passes, and Layers
    VRay Material
    Using VRay Proxy
    Maya, and VRay Setup
    Constructing the HDRI for Image Based Lighting
    Project Introduction

    Topics Covered
    Lens Flare, and Lens Distortion Tools
    Re-introducing Film Flicker, Grain and Camera Shake back into plate
    Atmosphere with Phoenix Fluid Dynamics
    Constructing Nuke Groups with Production Controls
    Specular Glows, and Blooms
    Color Grading in Nuke
    Plate Cleanup, Rotoscope and 3D Integration in Nuke
    Compositing in Nuke
    Setting up VRay Render Passes
    VRay Material, and Texture Setup
    VRay Dynamic Memory
    Render time Subdivisions, and VRay Proxy
    Understanding VRay Adaptive Sampling, and DMC
    VRay Lighting, and VRay RT
    Making Spherical HDRI in PTGui

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