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    Default Ben Gribbin - Photoshop Techniques for Web Designers 2012

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    Ben Gribbin - Photoshop Techniques for Web Designers 2012
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    Genre: Photoshop, E-Learning
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    Knowing how to use Photoshop is only the first step! Geared especially for new web designers, Ben Gribbin teaches important techniques and workflow tips that are vital to any web professional working in Photoshop. Learn how to craft custom assets and prepare a web design in Photoshop.

    you'll learn how to:
    - Keep your designs flexible for easy restyling
    - Speed up your workflow using grids, and custom tools
    - Create custom buttons, banners, icons and more
    - Professionally source, and implement stock assets
    - Add depth to your designs using different textures
    - Craft important graphic elements of a website design
    - Add the final polish that sets your work apart from the rest...and more!


    Page Design, and Build
    Textured Backgrounds
    Pixel Patterns, and Transparency
    Design Grids
    Fine Alignment
    Incorporating Stock Assets
    Adobe Kuler in Your Workflow

    Styles, and Techniques
    Buttons, Bars and Tabs
    Ribbons, and Banners
    Tiled Backgrounds, and Seamless Textures
    Creating Icons

    Putting it All Together
    Our Course Design
    Restyling a Design
    Polishing, and Extra Details


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