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    Default Art of Dodge and Burn - High End Industry Retouching Tech Series

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    Art of Dodge and Burn - High End Industry Retouching Tech Series
    English | 3.09 GiB | 10:50:00 | x264506 - 15 fps | 1200x800 | AAC
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    Genre: E-Learning
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    This new editing tutorial DVD-ROM is deeply focused on the main technique used in the world of industry high-end retouching. Dodging and burning has been around since the age of analog photography. Although the principles remain the same, the tools and flexibility has been greatly improved since joining the digital age. This DVD will teach you everything you need to know to become a master of this technique of editing. It will teach you how to get amazing results with the help of Dodge and Burn elegance, flexibility and realism.

    The DVD is packed with detailed explanations on everything you wanted to know, from what DandB is, how it's used, applications, tools and custom methods to work flow considerations for more effective retouching and more. Your host Krunoslav Stifter will guide you in a one-on-one style beyond the simple use of native dodge and burn tools to more advanced retouching techniques used by some of the best retouchers in the world to achieve that which is nearly impossible with any other tool or filter - perfectly smooth natural looking skin. If you ever wondered how images that grace the covers of top fashion magazines such as Vogue or Elle are retouched, then this is THE DVD you have been looking for.

    Dodge and burn theory and practice are used with a combination of slides and screen videos to provide an easy to follow way of explaining this sometimes poorly understood retouching technique. Most examples used in this video training title are focused on achieving smooth, but natural looking results regarding beauty skin retouching. But the underlying principles and the demonstrated techniques will work on any image in any genre of photography. As always the image files used in the tutorials are included for you to follow along and practice with. You can always rewind, forward, replay and pause any individual video to work at your optimal pace.

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    Art of Dodge and Burn - High End Industry Retouching Tech Series
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