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    Default Abstract Christmas text effect in Adobe Photoshop

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    1. Create New Document in Adobe Photoshop

    Before you create the Abstract Christmas text effect, first you should create a new document file in Adobe Photoshop with the size of 1440px (width) X 900px (height) and backgound color should be black. Of course, you can adjust it depend what you really need.

    2. Create Christmas Text You Liked

    Type the Christmas text you want. For example, I'm using "Merry Christmas" as my choice of text, and choose the favorite font color.
    3. Rasterize the Text

    In this step, you should right click on the duplicated layer and choose "Rasterize Type" to duplicate the layer by choosing the layer Duplicate Layer).
    4. Adding Satin Style of Your Image

    Clicking Layer Style in the layer palette, then select Satin and enter the settings below:
    Opacity: 100%
    Blend Mode: Multiply
    Angle: 143
    Size: 3px
    Distance: 3px
    5. Adding Emboss and Bevel

    Shed a smooth light shade on your text by adding Emboss and Bevel. "Emboss and Bevel" is just the "Satin" above that you clicked in previous step. And enter the settings below:
    6. Adding Colors to Background

    Select Pen Tool from the tools bar after creating a new layer and create a path with the gray line in Adobe Photoshop. Select Brush Tool from the tools and right click on the screen. Then go to the Pen Tool to change the foreground color to what you need. Then select "Stroke Path" by right-clicking on the screenPath". After this step, your abstract
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