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    Default Adobe Photoshop Complete Course | Lecture 25

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    11. Use the small handle in the bottom right to enlarge the window, so you can see more patterns at a time. Drag out to get 8 patterns in each row as shown here:

    12. You need to choose one of the patters. Choose Blue Daisies, which we have in the fifth row:

    13. Click OK. Now you can see the pattern in place. It fills the whole background, so the teddy bear sits on a carpet of flowers.
    14. Try some of the other paterns for yourself – there is a wealth of possibilities!
    Make your own pattern

    You can also define your own patterns based on any open picture or a part thereof. You can make a square selection of an area and then use the command Edit --> Define Pattern; but you have to try that for yourself. Here we look at Photoshop’s pattern supply.
    1. Make sure that the plys layer is selected in the layer palette. Then choose menu items Filter --> Pattern Maker. That opens this large dialog box:

    2. Now you need to make a small selection around the text on the teddy bear’s sweater:

    3. In the right side of the dialog box you need to define the pattern’s size (in pixels). Enter 96 in the fields Width and Height:

    4. Click on Generate:

    5. Now you see the finished pattern in the large window:

    6. That looks quite amusing. But try to see other variants of the pattern. Click on the button Generate Again:

    7. Click a few more times on the same button. For each click, the filter makes a new variant of the pattern.
    <table border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"> <tbody><tr> <td valign="top" width="177"> 8. In the bottom right of the box you can flick forth and back between the different options by using the small forward and reverse arrows:
    </td> <td valign="top" width="177">
    </td> </tr> </tbody></table> 9. When you have decided to save one of the patterns, you click on the small diskette icon to the left:

    10. Name the pattern plys1, and click OK. Now the picture is included in Photoshop’s pattern library. We no longer need the large Pattern makers dialog box. Close it by pressing Escape.
    11. Select the layer pattern 1, and insert a new layer. Name it pattern 2:

    12. Select the Fill dialog box again with the shortcut Shift-+Backspace, and fill the new layer with the pattern plys1:

    13. Save image file – that is important, because it is finished now. You see the result in Figure 24 on page 60.

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