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    Default Adobe Photoshop Complete Course | Lecture 11

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    6. When you release the mouse button the pentagon is filled with the foreground color (here green). Save the picture with Control+s.
    Draw a triangle

    You can bruge the Polygon drawing tool to make triangles with (by choosing 3 sides in the settings line), but in stead try to draw a triangle more or less free hand. You need to follow our instructions very carefully – then the exercise works!
    But remember that if problems arise underway, you can always cancel (regret) bu using the History palette (as described on page 17).
    1. First insert a new layer (with Control+Shift-+n). Name the layer Triangle; do not choose color for this layer button. Just click on OK, and save the picture with Control+s.
    2. Right click on the Lasso Tool, which is number two from the top in the left column.
    3. Then select the Polygonal Lasso Tool:

    4. Then click where you want the triangle to start. Its placement is not important right now. Click and release the button, then drag the bottom line of the triangle with the mouse:

    5. This tool can be a tease. Fortunately you can cancel the erroneous attempt by pressing Escape.
    6. Click again to add a new side in the triangle. Then drag upwards toward the left to the top of the triangle:

    7. Click again and drag down to your starting point. The cursor changes appearance when you get close the bottom line.
    <table width="351" border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"> <tbody><tr> <td valign="top" width="177"> A small circle appears, which tells you that the figure is coming together:
    </td> <td valign="top" width="174">
    </td> </tr> </tbody></table> 8. Click once and the triangle selection is complete.
    9. Now you need to fill the triangle with color. So press the shortcut letter d to select the default colors black/white. The use the shortcut Control+Backspace to fill the triangle with the background color (white).
    10. You need a thin black line around the triangle, which still is selected. Use menu items Edit --> Stroke.
    11. In the middle of the dialog box you can see that the color is black. Choose a thickness of 1 px and location Outside:

    12. Click OK or press Enter. Then the thin black line is drawn around the triangle.
    13. Cancel the selection by pressing Control+d.
    14. Now the picture is finished; here is how ours look:

    15. Save the picture with Control+s.
    Arranging figures and layers

    Now you have five layers, the background layer and the four layers with the figures. You can easily move the different figures around after you have drawn them. You can also change the sequence of the layers. Try:
    1. Click on the Move Tool, which is the top right button in the tool box. This tool can also be activated with the chortcut letter v. The cursor changes appearance when you move it across the picture:

    2. Look at the settings line. Make sure that there is a checkmark in the field Auto Select Layer:

    3. Now you can nu click on each of the figures and drag them around on the picture area. Try that. Photoshop figures automatically out in which layer the figure is.
    4. The area outside the figures is transparent. Try to arrange the figures to make the picture look about like this:

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