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    Default Peterson Hill is about hopes - Sucheta Khanna

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    Actress Sucheta Khanna talks about her character, association with the channel and more...

    Popular actress Sucheta Khanna who is known for her role in SAB TV' LapataGanj will be seen in another show to show her exceptional skills in Peterson Hill. While Sucheta has always experimented with her roles, she will be seen essaying a different role of Pinky Chadda who is the wife of Station master played by Rohit Roy.

    In a chat with us, Sucheta speaks about her character, reason of taking up the show and more...

    Tell us something about the show Peterson Hill?

    The show is about hopes. If you miss one train, never get depressed because another train will soon arrive. It's about the slice of life's story, it's about being human, its about human values, it's about emotion. As it is on SAB TV there will be comic track in the show with a message and little bit of thrill.

    What made you take up this show?

    I was given two options that whether I should do Pinky Chadda's role or I should do TC's character which also very interesting and Samikha (Samiksha Bhatnagar) is doing a very good job. But I chose this role because the first reason being it is a very different kind of role, she is a house wife but still she has a little Punjabi touch to it. She is soft and subtle unlike Indumati which I played in LapataGanj who was very dominating.

    Is there any particular habit or dialog of this character?

    Pinky has a habit of saying Khamakha main after every sentence.

    How is your equation with Garima Production and SAB TV?

    Well obviously the equation is very good since I am associated with Garima Production and SAB TV from many years. So it's like a home channel for me. I love working with SAB and with Ashwini Dheer because he is a very creative person.

    It's rare to play a very different character and Ashwini ji gave me that chance in LapataGanj as Indumati and now he has given me another chance to play the character of Pinky Chadda. Ashwini ji's main quality is that he works on the character because today there is very less time to work upon characters, but he is very spontaneous and creative. That's why I like working with him as there is always scope for improvement.

    How is your relation with other co-actors?

    I would definitely like to mention about Rohit Roy. Firstly his look in the show is very different and after such a long break he is coming back on TV. We were not able to recognize him with those mustache and spectacles and the way he portrays his character is amazing with slight comic touch to it.

    The other girl I would like to mention is Shatabdi whose real name is Mansi Shrivastav. She is a very sweet girl and very very pretty in real as well as on screen which definitely adds value in our show. We also have mummy ji who has hearing problem. The best part about the show is that it caters to everyone right from youth to the elder one's.



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