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    Default I always wanted to do a comedy show - Mansi Shrivastav

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    Mansi Shrivastav shared about her character in Prterson Hill in candide chat with us

    Actress Mansi Shrivastav is all set to return to the small screen in a different role this time in SAB TV's Peterson Hill. While Mansi, has showed her acting skills in her last show Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se which was a quite popular show, she will once again amuse her fans with her acting on screen.

    In a chat with us, Mansi Shrivastav talks about her character, show and more...

    Tell us something about your character Shatabdi?

    With the name itself, people become curious to know who is the person and how is she because Shatabdi is a name of a train and no one can imagine that it can be a person's name. My character is very jolly and bubbly who always stays happy and try to make others happy. There is something very interesting about her character which you will get to know when you will watch the first episode of the show.

    What made you take up this role in the show?

    Basically my character name Shatabdi attracted me and so I took up this role. I used to travel a lot in Shatabdi Express from Chandigarh to Delhi. So when I heard this name I became very curious to know what is interesting and exciting and I was sure that there must be something different in this character.

    Secondly I always wanted to do a comedy show and so when I was offered this show, I thought it's a very good opportunity. I thought that I will get to do a funny and light hearted role.

    Is there any particular habit or a dialogue of Shatabdi?

    Shatabdi while talking keeps on saying 'Oh Teri' and she is always excited about everything.

    Earlier you have played a serious type of a character of Shivani and here you are completely playing an opposite character, so which character you enjoy more?

    I loved Shivani's character also as it was my debut role in my debut show. Shivani was also bubbly in the show before her marriage; she became serious and emotional after her marriage because she was involved in many problems her after marriage.

    But I enjoyed playing Shivani's character as it gave me a chance to show my emotions and that show was purely drama but this show is comedy. It's a contrast role as compared to Shivani. Here, also I am enjoying as of now as it has just started, let's see how much I will enjoy more.

    What do you like more comedy shows or daily soaps?

    I like watching more of comedy shows because people love to laugh rather than getting emotional watching rona dhona.

    Coming to your fashion, your look in the show is western as compared to your previous show Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se. So what's your take on it?

    In real life obviously I love wearing western clothes and Shatabdi's character is a very good change for me as I will be seen wearing frocks, jeans which is very different from what Shivani used to wear.

    People will relate themselves with Shatabdi's character. I will not have to wear saarees as I can wear what I love to wear for my Shadabdi's character.

    We wishes Mansi Shrivastav all the best for the new show.



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