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    Default Patiala House (2011) - 300 MB - Pre DVD - [Full Runtime] - x264 - MKV - Single Link

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    Patiala House (2011) - 300 MB - Pre DVD - x264 - MKV [dEsI InDiAn]

    The protagonist of the film (Akshay Kumar) runs a corner shop in Southall but his desire is to break into cricket. His father (Rishi Kapoor) is a strict traditionalist and his mission is to ensure his family do not lose their Indian culture and identity. Akshay, however wants to play cricket not for India but for England in the ICC World Twenty20 and he gets the chance to do this. Also, according to the makers of the film, cricket is just the catalyst, the real matter is father-son drama. The film is also about British Asian identity and the cross-generational conflict between a father and son.

    Source: IcTv [Thanks]

    Codec: MPEG4 Video (H264)
    Resolution: 608x272
    Frame Rate: 25.00fps
    Data Rate: 295Kbps
    Format: MKV

    Codec: Vorbis Ogg
    Freq. 32000Hz
    Bitrate: 90 Kbps
    Size: 303 mb
    Duration: 02:25:56 [Full Runtime]

    Encoder Used: MeGUI
    Ripped & Uploaded by: dEsI InDiAn

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