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    Default Agneepath (2012) - 300 mb - Telecine Rip - x264 - MKV - 420p

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    Agneepath (2012) - 300 mb - Telecine Rip - x264 - MKV - 420p

    Source: 1CD [email protected] [Thanks]

    Codec: MPEG4 Video (H264)
    Resolution: 592x256
    Frame Rate: 233.976fps
    Data Rate: 285Kbps
    Format: MKV

    Codec: Vorbis Ogg
    Freq. 110250Hz stereo
    Bitrate: 29.1 Kbps

    Size: 324.xx MiB
    Duration: 02:38:xx [Start and End Credits Cut due to small size]

    Encoder Used: MeGUI
    Ripped & Uploaded by: dEsI InDiAn

    Ripper Note: Enjoy the Release with No Watermark !!!

    Reply in thread when link gets dead,will re-upload asap.
    Always Download From Original (desi indian) Thread donot go for leechers,
    i will not be responsible for any malacious stuff in it.

    Please Support My hardwork.
    Dont go for leechers threads.
    Always download from Original dEsI InDiAn Thread.
    Be a Pro ,Rip Movies on ur Own,
    dont leech my rips !

    It took me [3hrs.] download the movie
    20 (twenty) hours to rip to 300 mb
    3 hrs. to upload
    so please dont waste my so much of hard work,
    i specially spent 20 odd hours ripping Agneepath but these leechers ruin my efforts..
    i urge my users to please support me and show them that u are with desi indian and against them..please !

    I want nothing from u guys in return of my hard work,
    just if possible and u thnk its worth to do is..
    Please Do leave a comment or thank my hard work.
    Also,U can Buy A Premium Account From My Link To Make More Such Rips Possible !

    F**K OFF to my rip leechers !

    Single Link Download




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