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    Default WWF - UK Rampage 1993

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    WWF - UK Rampage 1993 One Link

    This file was not capped / created by the uploader. Full credit and all of your thanks should go to that person. If this is your file, thank you

    headshrinker fatu vs.nasty boy brian knobs
    doink the clown vs.kamala
    mr.perfect vs.headshrinker samu
    bob backlund vs.damien demento
    typhoon vs.the brookyln brawler
    wwf intercontinental champion shawn michaels vs.crush
    hacksaw jim duggan vs.the narcissist lex luger
    plus bobby heenan had an in ring interview with mr.fuji and yokozuna.

    Code: Rampage 93 (UK).avi

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