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    Default WWE WrestleMania 28 PPV 720p HDTV x264 KYR

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    WWE WrestleMania 28 PPV 720p HDTV x264 KYR


    title [ WWE WrestleMania 28
    genre [ Wrestling
    rel. date [ 04/02/12 format [ X264
    air date [ 04/01/12 source [ HDTV
    runtime [ 237 MiN 34 SEC bitrate [ 5092kbps
    filesize [ 9,954,570,218 resolu. [ 1280x720
    rar count [ 50x200MB (9493 MB) frames [ 29.970
    crf value [ 23 audio [ 2ch 384kbps 48khz
    location [ Miami, Florida USA

    The biggest release of the year concides with the biggest
    event of the year - our birthday. So we celebrate a little
    with this blast from the past (cheaper than making a new)!

    WWE WrestleMania 28 Matches

    The Rock vs. John Cena
    Singles match

    CM Punk (c) vs. Chris Jericho
    Singles match for the WWE Championship

    Triple H vs. The Undertaker
    Hell in a Cell match with Shawn Michaels as Special Guest Referee

    Daniel Bryan (c) vs. Sheamus
    Singles match for the World Heavyweight Championship

    Cody Rhodes (c) vs. The Big Show
    Singles match for the WWE Intercontinental Championship

    Randy Orton vs. Kane
    Singles match

    Team Teddy (Santino Marella (captain), R-Truth, Kofi Kingston
    Zack Ryder, The Great Khali, and Booker T) (with Hornswoggle)
    Team Johnny (David Otunga (captain), Mark Henry, Dolph Ziggler
    Jack Swagger, The Miz, and Drew McIntyre) (with Vickie Guerrero)

    12-Man Tag Team match to determine General Manager of both brands

    Kelly Kelly and Maria Menounos vs. Beth Phoenix and Eve Torres
    Tag Team match
    4 GB LiNK DownLOAD

    Code: Wrestlemana.28.PPV.720p.HDTV.x264-KYR.part1.rar Wrestlemana.28.PPV.720p.HDTV.x264-KYR.part2.rar Wrestlemana.28.PPV.720p.HDTV.x264-KYR.part3.rar



    Code: Wrestlemana 28.PPV.720p.HDTV.x264-KYR.part08.rar Wrestlemana 28.PPV.720p.HDTV.x264-KYR.part09.rar Wrestlemana 28.PPV.720p.HDTV.x264-KYR.part10.rar Wrestlemana 28.PPV.720p.HDTV.x264-KYR.part05.rar Wrestlemana 28.PPV.720p.HDTV.x264-KYR.part01.rar Wrestlemana 28.PPV.720p.HDTV.x264-KYR.part02.rar Wrestlemana 28.PPV.720p.HDTV.x264-KYR.part06.rar Wrestlemana 28.PPV.720p.HDTV.x264-KYR.part03.rar Wrestlemana 28.PPV.720p.HDTV.x264-KYR.part04.rar Wrestlemana 28.PPV.720p.HDTV.x264-KYR.part07.rar



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