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    Default WWE Judgment Day 2005 Original Comment Stream

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    Single Part, Original comment

    File Info

    [ About file ]
    Name: WWE Jundment Day 2005 ENG.mp4
    Date: 26/08/2014 15:40:38
    Size: 541,252,535 bytes (516.179 MB)
    [ Generic infos ]
    Play duration: 02:36:08 (9367.656 s)
    Container type: MP4/MOV
    Major brand: ISO Base Media version 512
    Compatible brands: JVT AVC
    Creation time: 1/01/1904 00:00:00 UTC
    Modification time: 1/01/1904 00:00:00 UTC
    Number of streams: 2
    Type of stream nr. 1: video (avc1) {VideoHandler}
    Type of stream nr. 2: audio (AAC Low complexity) {SoundHandler}
    Audio streams: 1
    [ Relevant data ]
    Resolution: 512 x 384
    Width: multiple of 32
    Height: multiple of 32
    [ Video track ]
    Codec: avc1
    Resolution: 512 x 384
    Frame aspect ratio: 4:3 = 1.333333
    Pixel aspect ratio: 1:1 = 1
    Display aspect ratio: 4:3 = 1.333333
    Framerate: 29.970039 fps
    Number of frames: 280749
    Bitrate: 359.475334 kbps
    [ Audio track ]
    Codec: AAC Low complexity
    Bitrate: 95.978446 kbps
    Channels: 2
    Sample rate: 44100 Hz
    [ About H.264 encoding ]
    User data: x264
    User data: core 83 r1373 4322f63
    User data: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC codec
    User data: Copyleft 2003-2009
    User data:
    User data: cabac=0
    User data: ref=1
    User data: deblock=1:0:0
    User data: analyse=0x1:0x111
    User data: me=umh
    User data: subme=8
    User data: psy=1
    User data: psy_rd=1.0:0.0
    User data: mixed_ref=0
    User data: me_range=16
    User data: chroma_me=1
    User data: trellis=0
    User data: 8x8dct=0
    User data: cqm=0
    User data: deadzone=21,11
    User data: fast_pskip=1
    User data: chroma_qp_offset=-2
    User data: threads=4
    User data: sliced_threads=0
    User data: nr=0
    User data: decimate=1
    User data: mbaff=0
    User data: constrained_intra=0
    User data: bframes=0
    User data: wpredp=0
    User data: keyint=250
    User data: keyint_min=25
    User data: scenecut=40
    User data: intra_refresh=0
    User data: rc_lookahead=40
    User data: rc=2pass
    User data: mbtree=1
    User data: bitrate=360
    User data: ratetol=11.1
    User data: qcomp=0.60
    User data: qpmin=10
    User data: qpmax=51
    User data: qpstep=4
    User data: cplxblur=20.0
    User data: qblur=0.5
    User data: vbv_maxrate=10000
    User data: vbv_bufsize=10000
    User data: ip_ratio=1.41
    User data: aq=1:1.00
    SPS id: 0
      Profile: [email protected]
      Num ref frames: 1
      Aspect ratio: Custom pixel shape (39:40 = 0.975)
      Chroma format idc: YUV 4:2:0
    PPS id: 0 (SPS: 0)
      Entropy coding type: CAVLC
      Weighted prediction: No
      Weighted bipred idc: No
      8x8dct: No
    [ Profile compliancy ]
    Profile to check: MTK PAL 6000
    Resolution: Ok
    Framerate: Ok
    Warning: If you need a more complete report, then click on "DRF analysis"
    This report was created by AVInaptic (18-11-2007) on 10 ott 2014, h 13:39:16
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