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    Default The Undertaker Un Defeated Streak 19-0 Matches PACK

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    The Undertaker Un Defeated Streak 19-0 Matches PACK

    WrestleMania record
    WrestleMania Opponent Streak Notes
    VII Jimmy Snuka 1–0
    VIII Jake Roberts 2–0
    IX Giant Gonzαlez 3–0 Won via disqualification
    XI King Kong Bundy 4–0
    XII Diesel 5–0
    13 Sycho Sid 6–0 For the WWF Championship in a No Disqualification match
    XIV Kane 7–0
    XV Big Boss Man 8–0 Hell in a Cell match
    X-Seven Triple H 9–0
    X8 Ric Flair 10–0 No Disqualification match
    XIX Big Show & A-Train 11–0 Handicap match
    XX Kane 12–0 [46]
    21 Randy Orton 13–0
    22 Mark Henry 14–0 Casket match
    23 Batista 15–0 For the World Heavyweight Championship
    XXIV Edge 16–0 For the World Heavyweight Championship
    XXV Shawn Michaels 17–0
    XXVI Shawn Michaels 18–0 No countout, no disqualification, Streak vs. Career match
    XXVII Triple H 19–0 No Holds Barred match
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    Code: Diesel.avi Randy Orton.avi Shawn Michaels.avi Sycho Sid.avi Jake Roberts.avi Big BossMan.avi Triple H.avi Jimmy Superfly Snuka.avi Ric Flair.avi Kane.avi Giant Gonzales.avi King Kong Bundy.avi Mark Henry.avi Triple H.avi Kane.avi Big Show & A-Train.avi Shawn Michaels.avi



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