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    shawn rebecca

    Exclamation Strikeforce.Feijao.vs.Henderson.2011.720p.HDTV.x26 4-aAF

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    RELEASE DATE: 2011.03.06

    *Cpl minor glitches, nothing to get your panties in a bunch about
    Steve Grody mouzamDx

    The Flow of Filipino Kali Empty Hands Vol. 1
    In this tape, we work through a comprehensive series of counter-attacks directed at the opponent's punches and kicks, and done in the distinctive way of Inosanto-La Coste Kali. Approximately 45 minutes

    The Flow of Filipino Kali Empty Hands Vol. 2
    In this tape, we work with Kali kicking methods, Kali trapping attack, primary gunting (nerve hit) combinations and gunting follow-ups. Approximately 55 minutes.

    The Flow of Filipino Kali Empty Hands Vol. 3
    In this tape, we go into the details of Kali's distinctive hand and elbow follow-ups to the opponents limbs and body, wrenches, joint locks and take-downs. Also for the first time on tape, we take a thorough look at foot trapping and crucial training methods to develop technical flow.



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