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    Talking PTV Drama Bota From Toba Tekh singh

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    PTV Drama Bota From Toba Tekh singh

    (Episode 1)

    Starring: Babar Ali, Faisal Qureshi, Farah Shah, Maria Wasti, Mishi Khan, Kashif Mehmood,
    Khursheed Shahid, Naima Khan, and Deeba
    Written By: Khalil ur Rehman Qamar

    The story revolves around a character Boota (Faisal Qureshi) who belongs to Toba Tek Singh
    and is the only son of a landlord. He is a mischevious fellow who has failed to do well
    in school. Boota changes over night when he falls in love with Mahru (Farah Shah) whose
    car breaks down near his village when she and her dadi (Khursheed Shahid) are going to
    Lahore. Boota soon runs away from home and goes to Lahore after Mahru.

    Mahru runs an advertising agency and her assistant Faani (Kashif Mehmood) takes Boota to
    the boarding house of Zohra Khatoon (Deeba) where he lives. Meero (Babar Ali) is a fellow
    resident there who had belongs to a broken home and hence has a shattered personality. He
    makes false promises to girls and then blackmails them after he gets their pictures and

    Mahru loves him and tries to reason with him. Meero falls in love with Mahru (why the
    similar names?) too but is afraid to admit it because he does not want to be in a position
    where someone else can exploit him.
    The story and dialogues are interesting and keeps the viewer interested. This play is
    becoming quite popular as the story progresses. Babar Ali after a long time is doing a
    decent job. It seems as if he is much better suited for the small screen. go to

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