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    Default 'Truth potion' to bring out a lot of secrets in Channel V's Paanch

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    Truth is a dangerous weapon if not dealt properly and soon the gang of friends in Channel Vís popular Paanch- 5 Wrongs Make A Right (Sunshine Productions) will realise the same when an evil plan will be worked out by them to test (taste) the truth between them.

    The wicked gang of Paanch, Gauri (Rashi Mal), Nihal (Shrey Pareekh), Roy (Kiran Srinivasan), Zara (Ronjini Chakraborty) and Nihal (Ashish Mehrotra) have been given the dose of their own medicine after the arrival of Roshini (Sheetal Singh), who wants to take revenge from them for her sisterís death.

    But with such wicked minds, itís definitely not an easy task to win over them and thus the viewers have seen Roshni struggling hard to fulfill her mission.

    And now to add another tough step in her task, Gauri will decide to have some fun playing session with truth. She will get a Ďtruth potioní which she will force everyone to have. Then will begin a roller coaster ride with each of the friend wanting to know the darkest and deepest secrets of one another.

    Gauri, who has found out about Roshni dating her brother, will throw the first question to the latter asking her whether she is with her brother to get close to her. Zara who is the most insecure among the lot would ask Gauri whether she will ever betray her. Roshni will then be stumped when Roy will ask whether she has been causing all these troubles and who exactly she is in real life.

    When we quizzed Sheetal about this she said, ďYou will have to wait and watch what happens hereafter.Ē

    This does seem quite a dramatic sequence and we are sure you guys are excited to watch it.



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