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    Default Young and talented Shrey Pareek talks about his new show... Paanch-Don't Get Mad, Get Even

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    Meet the tall and good looking Shrey Pareek who is all set to impress the viewers with his role in Channel Vís new offering Paanch-Donít Get Mad, Get Even (Sunshine Productions).

    The show that boasts of a talented ensemble will have a young girl Roshni battling out a fight against her five seniors with whom she has a past connection. Shrey will be playing Nihaal, one of the five seniors.

    We hunt the young guy to know more about his role and the show. The actor who was last seen in a cameo in Suvreen Guggal on the same channel speaks about his character, ďI play a young photographer who has a very casual attitude about life and also is very patient. He is quite different from his friends and is a very interesting character.Ē

    When we prodded him more about the show, he smiles, ďPaanch is a thriller and I would not like to spoil the fun by giving you much details. But I can assure that it is a very interesting and exciting show that will keep you hooked till the end.Ē

    The actor who seems quite confident about the show also shares, ďI know people always want to start their career as leads, but then the concept was so brilliant that it would be stupidity to say no to it. Also since itís a finite series of 52 episodes we know well how and where our characters will shape up. This is the new generation of shows and itís a very positive change in the TV industry.Ē

    The young guy who feels lucky to be a part of a young team is really excited about his new show. And well Shrey even we are!!!!

    We would like to wish the show good luck.



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