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    Default Roy to attack Roshni in Channel V's Paanch

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    The thrilling show Paanch: 5 Wrongs Make A Right (Sunshine Productions) on Channel V is keeping its viewers hooked with some really interesting twists and turns in the show. And with Roshni (Sheetal Singh) back in action to take revenge, the viewers are left asking for more.

    Although not many would have thought that the feeble Roshni would ever manage to work towards teaching the ‘paanch’ gang a lesson, but she has been slowly and steadily working her way to their destruction.

    But soon in the coming episodes, Roshni’s life would be threatened by Roy (Kiran Srinivas).

    Informs a source, “Roy will have a fight with Gauri (Rashi Mal) that would leave him in a bad mood. And thinking of his past altercations with Roshni and the harm she has caused to their group, Roy will decide to end her life.”

    Roshni will be at her hostel pantry filling up a bottle of water when suddenly Roy will come there and attack her.

    The injured girl would be seen countering his attacks but all in vain as she will lose conscious after being hit hard by him.

    Will Roy fulfill his mission? What will happen to Roshni?

    We messaged Kiran but he refused to comment citing not to kill the excitement of the sequence.



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