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    Default I took up Paanch because it's a finite series: Sheetal Singh

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    Remember the scary ghost in Horror Story?

    Well behind all those ghastly make up was the pretty and vivacious Sheetal Singh who is currently seen as the female lead Roshni in Channel V’s newly launched show Paanch- Five Wrongs Makes a Right (Sunshine Productions).

    Unbelievable isn’t it?

    Well yes, the girl who entered the industry with the controversial flick Nasha spoke to us about her journey and her show.

    “I was pursuing my education in Delhi when I got an opportunity to join Kingfisher Airlines. As I was to fly from Mumbai, I shifted to the metropolis. And since I always wanted to be an actor, it was a great chance for me to pursue my passion forward being in the city,” informed Sheetal.

    “I took this show since this is a finite series (52 episodes); I don’t think I will ever be comfortable doing a daily. And apart from that, TV gives you a great exposure and a chance to connect with your audience.

    Paanch is also a very different show and will surely have the audience hooked onto it,” she added.

    Talking about her character in the show, Sheetal shared, “Roshni is someone very shy and full of fears. Having been brought up under the care and love of her father and sister Roshni is very timid. But the unfortunate incident of her sister’s death has changed her and now she is all geared up to avenge the same. She is doing things that she would never dare to do in her life.”

    Elaborating further on her character Sheetal observed, “It is a character that I don’t relate completely with, but her quest of achieving her target and the emotional connect she has to it is actually dominant in every one of us. We stay in a city that teaches us to be strong and confident. Apart from that, I have to often close the real me off to become Roshni. It’s difficult, but this is my job and I hope I can do it well.”

    The show touches a serious topic of ragging and when we asked the petite actress whether she ever faced anything of that sort, she laughingly informed, “It’s an irony that even though I am playing this role, I have never gone to college. Since I started working from the age of 18, I completed my education through a correspondence course. And this is the reason I am really enjoying the show as I get to feel what youngsters do when they are in college. It’s a lovely feeling that I can’t even express in words.”

    Then how does she get into the character of a collegian? “I had researched about it and have found that all this really happened in engineering and medical colleges. I also discuss this topic with my co-actors who inform me that ragging sometimes gets out of control and can leave a bad impression in young minds. I think youngsters should just avoid ragging, lest it gets back at them through some mean or the other.”

    Currently shooting for a bilingual film in Lonavla, Sheetal said she felt lucky to be blessed with good co-stars. “From my first project, I have got some really great co-stars and working with them has been an awesome experience. The Paanch team is very young and it’s a beautiful journey together,” she signed off.
    We wish Sheetal a happy journey ahead!



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