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    Default Nikhil and Gauti to get into a fight in Channel V's Paanch

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    After some emotional trauma, Roshni (Sheetal Singh) has once again stood up to fight for the torture that has been done to her and her sisterís death from the group in Channel Vís Paanch- 5 Wrongs Make A Right.

    The mini-series by Sunshine Productions will soon see an interesting twist in the coming episodes with Gauti (Pratap Hada) coming back to Roshni asking for her forgiveness. The love struck beauty too seemed to have fallen for his apology. And soon it will be shown that the group will be rejoicing how sending Gauti back to Roshni had been their plan.

    Nikhil (Ravjeet Singh) who had been supporting Roshni all along, will be shown to get suspicious of Gauti and will be sharing his concern with her. But the love struck Roshni will not want to believe him.

    Informs a source, ďNikhil will confront Gauti in front of Roshni and tell her that he doesnít trust him and that they should not share their plans with him.Ē

    This will infuriate Gauti and they both will get into a fight leaving Roshni to try hard pacifying them. Roshni would then tell Nikhil that she has faith on Gauti and that he should stay away from them.

    Has Gauti really changed? Or is this a trick by Roshni?

    We tried reaching Sheetal but she remained unavailable to comment.

    Thereís more exciting news coming on your way. Stay tuned!



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