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    Default Mishra to attempt rape on Roshni in Channel V's Paanch

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    Problems never cease at times, and the poor Roshni (Sheetal Singh) is one of those unfortunate ones who experience it. After losing her loving sister, the young girl has been trying hard to avenge her sister’s killers. However, she has been getting caught in loads of trouble in Channel V’s Paanch- 5 Wrongs Make A Right (Sunshine Productions).

    Roshni has been receiving threatening calls from someone who has been blackmailing her about telling the group of five about her reality and motive. A stressed Roshni will decide to meet the blackmailer only to find that he is their college supervisor Mishra.

    Roshni had earlier unveiled Mishra in front of the principal when he had leaked the exam papers and that had left him without a job. And now he will be back to avenge her for all the humiliation he had faced.

    Informs a source, “Mishra has been keeping an eye on Roshni and her activities and had recorded her video where she has talked about wanting to take revenge from the group.”

    Mishra will use the footage to blackmail Roshni and when she will come to pay money and get the video, Mishra will kidnap her. He will tell her how she has spoilt his life by taking away his job and now he will do the same to her. Mishra will then try to force himself upon the helpless tied-up Roshni.

    When we buzzed Sheetal she said, “I can’t tell you what’s going to happen, for it will spoil the fun. Watch the show as it’s going to get all the more interesting in the coming episodes.”

    Read this space for more news and updates.



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