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    Default The journey in Paanch has been beautiful- Sheetal Singh

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    Fans of the popular show Paanch- 5 Wrongs Make A Right (Sunshine Productions) on Channel V have been surprised with the new avatar of the lead Roshni played by the pretty and talented Sheetal Singh.

    We decided to speak to the chirpy young girl and get her talking about how much she enjoys playing the new ‘Roshni’ in the show.

    “I am enjoying it… most definitely. Yes, it’s a changed journey but it’s more evident for the watchers than for me as it seems like a natural transition. It was meant to happen with passing time,” shared the girl.

    So doesn’t she feel any change in the character? “See the character has definitely seen a change and mostly in terms of its vulnerability. Earlier she used to burst out crying at every little incident, but today she is strong and the vulnerable aspect of hers has taken a back seat. The strength that she now displays is a welcome change,” answered Sheetal.

    And when we quizzed her on how much has the character brought a change in her personal life, the actor replied, “Nothing major personally but yes, as an actor the change is evident. The constant practice of polishing our body which is our instrument is really required to get into the skin of the character. The journey as an actor with Paanch has thus been really beautiful.”

    Sheetal has also been given a new look with short hair which has got mixed reactions; when we asked her on the same, she said with a laugh, “Some like it some hate it but I am ok with it, although I liked longer hair more. It’s funny when children in my society come to me and say that how come you have long hair when it got cut in the show. But then the short hair is the epitome of what Roshni has got through and thus it was important to present the events that have changed her as a person.”

    Way to go Sheetal!



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