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    Default I don't know whether I will ever manage to handle the drama element in daily soaps - Pratap Hada

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    The young lad, Pratap Hada from Jaipur entered the glam industry with a dream of making it big. And after having bagged a film and a show in a short span of time, Pratap is enjoying his stint in the entertainment world.

    Having acted in the Bollywood flick Bewakoofiyaan and currently seen in Channel V’s Paanch- 5 Wrong Makes A Right (Sunshine Productions), Pratap speaks to us on his journey. “My dad is in the army and thus my family wanted me to join the armed force too. I am from a small town so people did have an apprehension about me coming to Mumbai, but thankfully I have managed to work well for myself.”

    “Although my family has accepted my profession, they still hope that I fulfill their wish. My mother till now keeps telling me to leave acting and get into the army. She really likes Amitabh Bachchan, so I guess I will have to act in one of his movies to cajole her,” he says with a hearty laugh.

    Talking about his show, Pratap avers, “It’s really a superb experience being in Paanch and I hope the channel decides upon extending the show, although ours is a finite series. I really have a great time shooting for this series for it’s a thriller and completely addictive. I don’t know whether I will ever manage to handle the drama element in daily shows.”

    Every actor moves from TV to Bollywood, but he has taken a vice versa route. When asked about it, the young lad smiles, “Yes, it was an opposite way, but I guess that worked for me. Although I debuted on the big screen, the movie released post Paanch, and by then people had started recognizing me as Gauti of Paanch. So it was actually a positive thing.”

    Quiz him about his bonding with the team and cast, Pratap excitedly answers, “We have a great team and every one of us bond well. I have actually started considering Gauri (Rashi Mal) as my own sister after having played siblings for all these days. It is super fun on the sets.”

    “And surprisingly I am completely different from the character I am playing, for I am someone who is very open and an extrovert. And Gautam is this idealistic angry young man, who lives life in a nutshell and is not much of a social person. His world revolves around his sister. A man of rules, he is a no nonsense guy. I think I will like to play a lighter character in my next project (smiles),” he concludes.

    We wish you great luck Pratap!!!



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