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    Default I don’t believe in one night stands- Ravjeet Singh

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    If you are a victim of ragging, then here are some interesting suggestions given by Ravjeet Singh who plays Nikhil in the teenage show Paanch airing on Channel V.

    The young and sporty actor spoke to us about the quality of his show in terms of content and how different it is from the others that are on air. He seemed to be very cool and steady as he began to express his views on healthy ragging and his love life.

    Speaking about how he got into the character of a college student and whether he went back to his college days and refreshed his memories by playing the role, the young lad said, “It is very easy for me to get into the character of a college student. I think I am a versatile actor and therefore I can adjust to any roles that are offered to me. In the show Paanch, I play the role of a protagonist and I think I am doing pretty well. I am also working with an excellent cast and thus my morale as an actor is always boosted which brings about the best in me.”

    Since the show spreads light on ragging and bullying students, has he ever come across such a situation? “Yes I have. I went through all the bullying but I think it was healthy ragging that I went through and hence it felt good. Ragging assembles a good connection within the juniors and the seniors. But yes, of course, if it brings about a negative vibe to someone, students should speak to authorities as it is a serious crime.”

    On the social message that this show brings about on ragging, Ravjeet said, “I think the show has a profound meaning to it which makes it different from other shows. It’s a demonstration of the evil happenings that take place in the life of a teenager with a view of not only making them aware of the situation, but also giving them the audacity to raise their voice with regards to ragging. The response that we are receiving on social networking sites doesn’t leave a doubt about the fact that our fans watch, enjoy and learn from our show Paanch.”

    He had this to say when he was asked about his closest female co-star. “I am close to all my female co-stars (giggles). However I have a better bond with Roshini onscreen too.”

    Describing the character Roshini in a few words, he stated, “Roshini is a paradigm of bravery and valor. I think women should be like her, they shouldn’t keep their predicaments to themselves. They should voice their grievances against social tribulations. It will help them in return.”

    Ravjeet even shared his journey in the show Paanch saying, “I auditioned for the role of Gauti but I was eventually selected to play the role of Nikhil. My journey has been spectacular in terms of acting as well as experience. I have had the time of my life on the sets of Paanch. It is very soothing to work in such an environment. I think I have made a place for myself in the acting space by giving my best in whatever I do.”

    “I have many aspirations as I want to achieve many things in life and I am working towards it. As of now I just want to concentrate on my work in order to give my best. I wish to excel as an actor. I do look up to Irrfan Khan, Aamir Khan and Naseeruddin Shah. They are extremely amazing at what they do. And yes! I think every actor has Bollywood dreams and so do I. It is something worth dreaming about, if one has got what it takes to get there,” replied Ravjeet when he was asked about his aspirations as well as inspirations.

    On competition on Channel V from shows like Sadda Haq and It’s Complicated, he averred, “I don’t think it will affect the TRPs of our show. Paanch has a very unique concept altogether. It is being appreciated by the audience, what else one can ask for. I think the response is quite positive, so there is nothing to be worried about.”

    The impressive actor does not face any insecurity, but what about screen space? “I am quite comfortable with the screen space that I possess. As an actor I have a few weaknesses but I don’t have any insecurity.”

    He shares a good bond with all his co-stars as he stated, “As I mentioned earlier I have a good time with all my co-stars. We have a good rapport with each other and I think the outcome is easily visible in our individual performances in the show.”

    On the track coming ahead in Paanch, he said, “I can’t disclose much about the show. I am not allowed to (laughs). But yes it is either Gauti or Gauri who has killed Neha. To unfold this conquest you need to watch the show.”

    The conversation got a little spicy when he spoke to us about his love life and the concept of a one night stand. “I have absolutely nothing to say about my love life since I don’t have a girlfriend in the first place. I flirt with women with whom I have a close attraction for, but other than that I am more dedicated to my work. And talking about casual sex I think it is a very usual concept nowadays amongst the youth audience. I don’t believe in the concept of a one night stand though.”

    Well that’s a nice thought. We wish Ravjeet Singh all the very best for his future ventures.



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