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    Default I believe in living up to my own expectations: Ronjini Chakraborty

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    The high spirited and witty Ronjini Chakraborty has a passion to keep it real onscreen, and makes the onlookers gape in awe as she portrays the shrewd bully Zara on Channel V’s Paanch.

    In conversation with us, she opens a window so that we can take a sneak-peek and get familiar with her dreams and ambitions.

    Is Ronjini similar to Zara in anyway? The girl says, “Ronjini is very different from Zara. I have never bullied anyone in school or college. But I did see some of my friends doing it and it was not a pleasant sight. I was always a good girl (laughs). I was bullied in a funny way but it wasn’t anything serious.”

    Giving us some insight on how she started her journey in the TV industry, the charming actress recalls, “I am a Kolkata girl and I was born and brought up in a Bengali family. I moved to Pune after college to do an acting course from FTII; I have also worked in two critically acclaimed Bengali projects. I later shifted to Mumbai and did a couple of commercials before moving to television.”

    “I dream of working in Bollywood and would want to do something challenging. My dream role would be something similar to Vidya Balan’s role in the film Ishqiya. I like characters with a rough edge”, says the determined actress.

    Describing the journey of Paanch as being a game-changer she explains, “My journey on Paanch has been very interesting. Since it is a finite series and caters to the youth, it is all the more unique and special in its own sense. Zara’s character is something different and nothing close to what I have tried earlier. When I heard the concept, I jumped at the opportunity of doing something different. I am very close to everyone on the sets, be it Roshni or Gauri. We are all different and are very close to each other. We are a very close-knit group and I am lucky to be a part of Paanch.”

    Being upfront and honest is something very rare. When asked about her insecurities, she didn’t falter to say, “See I’d be lying if I say I don’t have any insecurity. Every actor has insecurities. For me it is more on the lines of being a performer. I critically scrutinize everything I do and sometimes in the process, I end up being too harsh on myself. I believe in living up to my own expectations”.

    Being reserved about her personal life she did not really open up about her love equation, but for all those who think they stand a chance to date the lovely lady, here’s what she is looking for. “It is something very personal. I would want to be with somebody who is intelligent, honest, a good human being who has a very good sense of humor (laughs).”

    Making a debut on TV in a negative role? Any fears of getting typecast? “Not really. Zara is not entirely a negative character. Her character has shades of grey. Even she was bullied at the start but she preferred to be a part of the gang rather than fighting against it. So the fear of being typecast still hasn’t crept in.”

    A sneak-peek into the pretty lady’s future ventures and her Mumbai dairy reveals, “I don’t really want to restrict myself to anything. I want to do a lot more Bengali projects and contribute to my region. I am also currently working on Tumbad which is a Hindi film which will go on floor in 2015. And I am also planning to do another Bengali film but nothing has been finalized as of now. Mumbai has been lovely and since I come from a very academic oriented family, starting my journey in the industry, shifting to Mumbai and living my dream is a blessing. Mumbai has treated me like a princess and it has been a fabulous journey so far.”

    In her message to the vibrant youth she says, “Whenever you see something like this happening or you are a victim to it, please don’t hide it. And please don’t be a part of it. Not fighting against something as grave as ragging is a crime. Speak up and fight back.”

    Nice thoughts, Ronjini!!



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