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    Angry 5th Day: India v Australia , 2nd Test at Banglore Oct9-14,2010: Full Highlights

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    Cheteshwar Pujara's 72 helped India complete a seven-wicket victory against Australia in Bangalore to win the series 2-0

    India 495 and 207 for 3 (Pujara 72, Tendulkar 53*) beat Australia 478 and 223 (Ponting 72, Zaheer 3-41, Ojha 3-57) by 7 wickets
    Watch cricket highlights: Day 5 of the 2nd Test – Australia vs India – played at Bengaluru on October 13, 2010

    Scoreline: Australia 223 all out | Zaheer and Ojha 3, Sreesanth and Harbhajan 2
    India chase 207 Cheteshwar Pujara 72 (89), Sachin Tendulkar 53 no (77), Murali Vijay 37 (45), Rahul Dravid 21 no (53)
    India win the series 2-0

    A few years back Manoj Tiwary had a buzz similar to that around Pujara when he made his ODI debut in Aus against Lee. Sure, conditions today were a little different and there was no one bowling like Lee was, on that day. But as most international cricketers will admit, the step-up from the domestic is mostly mental. And unlike Tiwary, Pujara looked like he believed this was his moment. It’s days like these that you understand how tough a selector’s job is. Still feel though that Dravid will get a shot in SA. Only problem is, NZ’s touring India before that. Damn, the realization that an era is fading away before your eyes can be hard to take. Especially when you believed Yuvraj and Rohit Sharma were the future replacements. But the good thing is the impermanence of memory and so long as a good player replaces a great one, you get with it. Eventually.

    On a similar point, wonder if Sachin right at the end was telling Ponting he should make the next trip to India since he (Sachin) was anyway going to be around to duel with him. Unfortunately, the Aussie system and the concept – Ponting the player leaves when Ponting the captain leaves – might just make this his last trip here in the test format despite his knock yesterday showing he was still a league above his teammates.

    Stump mic special: The entire Pujara theme served up to Dravid when he arrived. Pity some of it got drowned out by the glorious voices of Hogg and Siva.

    Finally – made a trip to Bengaluru on Day 3 to watch Sachin bat. A few points, some obvious, some not so:
    His fans, 20 years on, still span all ages – from the elderly cops outside to a couple of 6 year olds inside asking their mothers when Sachin would come out.
    His fans are still ravenous enough to ensure he breaks away every 5 balls from a net with Gary Kirsten to wave at them. Only for a fresh group to arrive and shriek.
    No ultraslowmo replay can capture the beauty of Ponting fielding live.
    Johnson, whenever on the boundary, spends his time watching replays on the giant screen.
    The worst time to be an Indian batsman is when Sachin enters the 90s. If you don’t turn over the strike to him quickly enough, the crowd hates you for a while. Think Murali Vijay was too far away to hear any of it though.

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