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    Renowned TV. Anchor, scholar and beloved celebrity of media Dr. Aamir liaquat hussain, while giving answers of the questions of host sufiyan khan of TV one’s current

    affairs program, “mazrat k saath”, have expressed his views that, Iran’s president said in his speech that all the Muslims of the world should be united, but as a Muslim and

    Pakistani, it is not at all necessary that we agree to his point of views, it is really easy to say anything but we have our own problems, have our own issues, to drag Pakistan

    in every problem to speak on, to express views on Gaza’s issue, to raise voice on other problems, it is too much, we have our own issues, we are taking care of Karachi and

    dealing with other issues, it is a good advice that all Muslim countries should form their one united block. We are a victim of internal conflict and are really weak; our

    enemies are not getting that much benefit as they are getting from the inner turmoil of our country so first we have to deal with it.
    We can’t just put all the responsibilities on the religious clerics of our country and get ease from our duties, it is not only about the violence during the month of

    muharrum, the murder of 25 people in a day is a huge matter of concern, Karachi is a centre of international powers and activities, any turmoil and chaotic violence in

    Karachi made a huge bad impact on Pakistan. Although the role of the scholars and clerics is very much important but we should take other measures as well for it, Imam

    Aali muqaam Hussain (r.a) also said that there is no comparison between education and illetracy, and education will never lose in front of illiteracy, so it is the foremost

    duty of all the scholars and clerics that they preached the lesson of unity and peace in their sermons, teachings and urge the people towards peace and unity. we can’t

    compare the negativity of few people with the optimism of others, as we can’t create any similarity between the target killings in Karachi due to sectarian issues and other

    and the bomb blasts in Rawalpindi and Quetta/ the killings is Karachi is going on due to every minor matter, we can’t ignore these problems just to give full concentration

    in D8 conference.

    We are really mature enough, and the query that who is involved in all this violence and killings is really a childish, are we kids? ain’t we know about suicidal bombings?,

    America and other external powers are not involved in it, we are burning our own banks, petrol pumps, properties and ruining our own country, America is not here to do

    so, we always get victimize of conspiracies of our fiends. We leave ourselves on the circumstances and situations, it is not adequate to accuse America and Britain over

    this, and it is not right to close our eyes like an ostrich over these issues is contradictory to reality.
    For other videos and news, you may visit the official website of Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain Official Website of Dr Aamir Liaquat Hussain[/url], follow on Twitter @aamirliaquat.
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