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    Default Eye-Mounted WiREleSS VideO CAMera

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    Filmmaker shows off eye-mounted wireless video camera

    Filmmaker Rob Spence lost an eye as a child, and now he's created the next best thing: a camera that fits onto his prosthetic eye. At a media conference in Brussels, he showed the first version of "Project Eyeborg," consisting of a micro video camera, an equally small battery, and a tiny transmitter, all mounted on an unusually small circuit board. He plans to use the "Eyeborg" camera to create a documentary to raise awareness about rampant surveillance.

    "In Toronto there are 12,000 cameras. But the strange thing I discovered was that people don't care about the surveillance cameras, they were more concerned about me and my secret camera eye because they feel that is a worse invasion of their privacy."

    The technology is not advanced enough to hook it up to Spence's brain (yet), nor does he plan to wear the camera all the time. Could this be the first step to hooking up sensors to our optic nerves, and then converting those impulses to images? Or perhaps the camera could be connected to the brain, restoring sight to the blind. Oh wait, somebody's working on that, too.

    EYEBORG-- The Two Week Trial from eyeborg on Vimeo.



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