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    Default "Playing Nisha's character was not an easy task for me"- Aneri Vajani

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    Cute and adorable Aneri Vajani seems excited for her new show Nisha Aur Uske Cousins on Star Plus.

    Full of life and bubbly actress Aneri Vajani who was seen in Kaali - Ek Punar Avatar and Crazy Stupid Ishq is all set and excited to play a tom boy in Star Plus show Nisha Aur Uske Cousins produced by Bodhi Tree Productions.

    In conversation with us she talks about her character, her experience while shooting and more.

    Is playing Nisha a challenge for you?

    To be like my character Nisha was not an easy task because in real life I am neither a tom boy nor too girly kind of a person so playing Nisha is quite challenging for me. Now I have in adapted the tomboy kind of behavior for my character but I am yet to learn more. I have done lot of research for my character I have watched movies, I have copied guys and created my character Nisha. I have tried hard for this and now I feel I have become like Nisha.

    What made you to opt for the show?

    I never thought that I will be doing the show but the producer Sukesh Motwani and creative somewhere knew that I am perfect for Nisha and then even I thought of giving it a try.

    What about the equation you share off-screen with your co stars?

    We all share awesome bonding with each other. The fun that audience will get to see on-screen is just because of the bond we share off-screen. I have two favorite co-stars Heli Daruwala who is playing Keerti and Meherzan Mazda who is playing Umesh in the show, I am very close to them.

    How was your experience shooting in Jaipur for the show?

    It's a beautiful city but it would have been more beautiful if we would have been there in winter. It was too hot there and I fainted on the set while shooting in the scorching heat. It was awesome to shoot but at the same time it was too hectic, we all were exhausted because of scorching heat. Well Jaipur is a beautiful city we shot at Hawa mahal, I shopped for Saree and other stuff for my family.

    How excited are you for the show ?

    I am very content with my character Nisha because this is very different to something I have played earlier. I am the happiest person because the title of the show is based on me Nisha Aur Uske Cousins. I am impatiently waiting for our first episode which will air on 18th August , Jaipur mai humne khoon pasina ek kiya hai. If the audience watch the first episode it is going to keep them hooked to the show.

    What is your character all about?

    Being Nisha I am going to solve everybody's problem it is in her nature to solve everyone's problem. Usually girls are attention seeker but when Nisha gets little attention she hates it, she gets conscious. She doesn't like guys, she doesn't like to roam with guys and this will be the unique selling point of the show .

    In our country women comes across many problems so what message are you going to pass them with your character of Nisha?

    I want to say that you have to be independent and fight for yourself, if something is happening wrong to you stand for it because its a question about life so live it.

    What are you expecting from the show?

    I am glad that Star Plus got me into this show. I am expecting that all our hard work pays off. I just hope that viewers like our show and we do good in the TRP charts.

    One memorable moment you want to share with everyone?

    Once we all were roaming in Jaipur and suddenly Heli Daruwala started screaming because she was scared of a pigeon. She was almost into tears due to fear. We all went crazy at laughing on her.

    As the show is based on cousins what kind of bonding do you share with your cousins in real?

    I have a real brother, sister and cousin and I share great bonding with them. They all are my friends and I know they will always stand for me in my sorrows of life.

    A message you want to pass on to your fans?

    I just want to tell them that I have been talking too much about the first episode so you all have to watch the first episode. The way they have shot my entry is just brilliant kisi ki bhi aise entry nahi hue hogi aaj tak and if you love Jaipur then you need to watch the show.



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