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    Default Nisha to seek loneliness in the coming episode of Nisha Aur Uske Cousins!

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    Kabir to spoil Nisha's trip in the coming episode.

    Sukesh Motwani's Nisha Aur Uske Cousins is becoming more engrossing with each passing episode and now with Mishkat Verma's entry as Kabir expectations have increased.

    In last few episodes we have witnessed that Nisha (Aneri Vajani) is suffering a lot because of misunderstanding going on between Nisha's family and Viraj (Taher Shabbir). But it seems that Kabir will be there to support her during this tough time.

    Our source says, "A lot has happened with Nisha in last few episodes, so to get away from all the hassles and to know herself better she will decide to go on a trip alone. While she is on her way to the resort Nisha will see that Kabir is also there. She will be irritated with Kabir for this and their entire journey goes in argument. Gradually in this trip they will know each other more and will come closer."

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