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    Default Nisha to expose Shekhar's reality in Star Plus' Nisha Aur Uske Cousins

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    With Nisha (Aneri Vajani) finally confessing her love to Viraj (Taher Shabbir Mithaiwala), viewers must be expecting some breezy time ahead in Nisha Aur Uske Cousins (Bodhi Tree Pictures).

    But hold on to your horses, for romance will take some time to blossom in Nisha’s life. Till then gear up to see some piping hot drama in this refreshing show on Star Plus.

    Viraj will soon get an investor for his shooting academy who would visit him to test the skills of the girls who he wants to train. With Nisha being proficient with the rifle, Viraj will ask her to go for the test and impress the investor with her sharp shooting expertise.

    Shares a source, “But to the shock of Viraj, Nisha and the investors, she will miss her shot and thus loosing on the opportunity of getting funds for the academy.”

    A disheartened Nisha will then get into the bottom of the matter to only find out that it was Shekhar (Amit Sarin) who played truant and spoilt her rifle before she took the test.

    Nisha along with the cousins will then resolve to bring out the truth and smartly ploy Shekhar into revealing his truth in front of Viraj. The guy will be shocked to find out that his cousin has been against him and his dreams all these while.

    How will Viraj react to this truth? Will Nisha manage to save Viraj’s academy plans?

    We tried reaching Aneri but she did not answer our calls.



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