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    Default Dadaji to reveal the truth of the cousins in front of the family!

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    After enjoying a party at the fort, itís a trouble time for Nisha and her cousins in Star Plusí Nisha Aur Uske CousinsÖ

    Troubles have knocked the doors for Nisha (Aneri Vajani) and her Cousins in Star Plus' newly launched show Nisha Aur Uske Cousins ever since Dadaji has come to know about the farewell party secretly planned for Dolly.

    So far, we have seen how the cousins enjoyed the party. However, Dadaji comes to know about it, and he is upset about the fact that kids are not following his rules.

    We heard from our source that, "After the cousins are caught by Dadaji, they will soon be getting a punishment. Now, Dadaji will reveal it in front of the entire family about how the cousins used their saved pocket money for partying. The cousins' parents are angry to hear this. Now, Dadaji will announce that the cousins will have to pay for Dolly's lehanga. Nisha will agree to it and finally the cousins will succeed."

    When contacted Aneri, she said, "Nisha wanted to arrange for the money in her own way but the cousins tried to act smart and they got the money before Nisha reaches there. But their way of taking out the money was something which Nisha would not have liked it and she is upset about it."

    Keep reading this space for more updates!



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