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    Hey guys, I've joined DesiRulez since I have been using the site to watch wrestling weekly.
    I am 18 from Northern Ireland in the United Kingdom.
    My name is Mika, I'm male and I don't really do much other than watch wrestling, play games, write short stories and practice wrestling myself.
    Favourite wrestlers:
    WWE - Ziggler, The Miz, Orton and Evan Bourne, though other mid-carders have my attention.
    TNA - Motor City Machineguns, Kurt Angle, The Pope.
    NJPW - Tiger Mask and El Samurai. I also like Jushin "Thunder" Liger, but the first two more so.


    Yes, that is makeup. Don't go there.

    Other than that, I lead a pretty average life. Alcohol, girls, wrestling and more alcohol.
    Good times!

    So hopefully I'll see you all around the forums (especially if you're in the wrestling section)!
    - Mika

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    welcome to dR



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