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    Talking Greetings!

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    Hey all members of DesiRulez! My name is Shivam Singh, and I live in Sydney, Australia. Just wanted to mention how much I got attached to your amazing forum over the past few years. Its probably one of the best international Indian forums I've ever come across.

    A bit more about myself. I'm 15, currently studying in Year 10 here in Sydney. I was born and brought up in Perth, Australia and my parents are from Punjab. I can speak Punjabi, English, and a bit of Indonesian and French.

    I love watching Indian shows! I have Indian channels here, such as Colors, Star Plus etc. My favorite shows are: Big Boss (do not miss a show of Big Boss, just love it ), Bani- Ishq Da Kalma, Uttaran & Madhubala (she's just gorgeous). Every morning, I get up and watch the tonight's (it airs here at night) episode of Big Boss. If I don't manage to finish it, I'll watch it on the bus, on the way to school .

    But putting all of that aside, I would just like to acknowledge and appreciate the effort and time you guys have put into this website, and forum! Congratulations on such a successful website and I would like to wish you guys best of luck in the future! If you guys ever need help in anything, please come to me as I am really handy and am always willing to lend a hand!

    Thanks for reading,
    Take care,

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    Hey Shivam, welcome to DesiRulez!

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    to DR! I hope you will have lots of Fun here.

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    Hi ! and Welcome to dR! Enjoy your stay and please read the rules in the announcements section

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    To dR And Enjoy Your Stay

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    Welcome to dR

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    Thank you :')



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