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    Default A unique Fashion show to be organized in Neeli Chhatri Wale!

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    An interesting episode is coming up for the viewers of Neeli Chhatri Wale, as Fashion show and dance competition will be organized in its upcoming episode...

    Garima Productions' Neeli Chhatri Wale on Zee TV, is attracting the attention of the viewers with its unique concept and storyline. Along with entertaining the audience it always highlights a social message in its episodes.

    The makers leave no stone unturned to win the hearts of the viewers with its humor and fun factor.

    Well, viewers will soon witness a unique fashion show in its upcoming episode.

    Our source says, "The coming episode will give a message that women should participate in different activities leaving their household work, even they have all rights to enjoy and actively participate in programs as the other family members do. So, dancing and fashion show competition will be organized in the area 'Kutte Wal Gali' for all the ladies. It will also give a message that it is not necessary that a beautiful girl or a lady can win a fashion show but even an unexpected person can win this competition."

    Well this seems to be a very entertaining episode.

    To know more keep reading this space!



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